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Toddler language has to be about the process of discovery. When my daughter states that her cat has ears and can walk (as I posted moments ago), I have to think she’s doing so for many reasons. She is modeling her monologues on previous conversations. By starting a monologue, she’s leading up to dialogue. She’s cataloging what she sees in the world around her and sharing her knowledge.

A recent revelation that she shared with me: “I your daughter, and you my mommy!” Somehow, it was a revelation to me, too, hearing it come from her mouth. I AM her mother; I’ve become a new thing, on top of all of the other things that I am and have been. She IS my daughter – and she even got the pronouns right! I reveled in her revelation. My two-year-old is getting so many things sorted out so early, and I am so proud.

And then, a few days later, in her most endearing voice, she said to Pepper: “I your daughter, and you my Pup!”

Well, I’m still proud…but I’m wondering if these titles like “daughter” and “mother” might mean a little less than I’d first thought. Maybe I need to reconsider the ways in which I catalog the world myself.

She sat up after her nap on Wednesday, shortened by my gentle waking (so we could go look at a house, a result of our partial desire to have a real home, one that’s ours to live in and do with as we please – weighted in equal measure with our partial desire to rent and save all the money and time that would go into a house).

She sat up, gently startled by the gentle awakening. Our cat Pepper – Pepper, who is her cat and whom she mostly calls “Pup” – rested against her legs as she slept and remained, even now that she was awake.

My daughter looked at her cat and said, “You have ears.”

“Yes, honey, Pepper has ears.”

“And she can walk.” ┬áHere, she mimicked the motion of walking with her hands, in case there was any uncertainty.

“Yes, Pepper can walk.”

“You my ONnnnly Pup. I love you SOOOOOO much, and you love me.”

And all of that is absolutely true. What else should there be between a girl and her cat except a lot of love?