Toddler language has to be about the process of discovery. When my daughter states that her cat has ears and can walk (as I posted moments ago), I have to think she’s doing so for many reasons. She is modeling her monologues on previous conversations. By starting a monologue, she’s leading up to dialogue. She’s cataloging what she sees in the world around her and sharing her knowledge.

A recent revelation that she shared with me: “I your daughter, and you my mommy!” Somehow, it was a revelation to me, too, hearing it come from her mouth. I AM her mother; I’ve become a new thing, on top of all of the other things that I am and have been. She IS my daughter – and she even got the pronouns right! I reveled in her revelation. My two-year-old is getting so many things sorted out so early, and I am so proud.

And then, a few days later, in her most endearing voice, she said to Pepper: “I your daughter, and you my Pup!”

Well, I’m still proud…but I’m wondering if these titles like “daughter” and “mother” might mean a little less than I’d first thought. Maybe I need to reconsider the ways in which I catalog the world myself.