Today is Wednesday, October 31st – Halloween. Two Mondays ago, she woke up to the sounds of spoon and dish clinking, distinct and not too distant. After climbing out of bed, she walked down the hall to find her daddy.

“What are you eating?” she asked.

“Yogurt with crunchies. Do you want some?”

She did, in fact, want some; she seems to agree with my assessment that other people’s food always tastes better than your own, and this is particularly true when it comes to Matthew/ Daddy.

From my spot, the very rarely experienced still-lazing-in-bed-while-she’s-out-of-bed one, I marveled. For months and months and months, now, the question was “What are you ateing?” I’m pretty confident in saying that we did not model this use of the word, but we also didn’t do anything to make it go away. It was one of her cute quirks. “I’m ateing quinoa!” she’d announce. Or chocolate. Or whatever needed announcing.

Now, she eats instead of ates.

She wasn’t the only one with an appetite that day. It was a beautiful fall day, warm and sunny and in the 70s, and the newly-purchased rake and I were going to tackle the leaves. I sliced apples and put them in a dish for her, then set them on the front porch. A wasp quickly posed the question she had asked in the morning: “What are you eating?” Seeing as how the answer was apples, it crawled into her dish and made itself right at home. Other people’s food does taste better, ¬†you see.

I got the wasp out. It flew away. I gave her the dish back, but the wasp returned. It kept its distance, then came close to landing on her hand. She waved her hand and rubbed it against her head – and then she was crying. It had stung her above her right eyebrow, her second sting of her life, on her 2 1/2-year-old birthday. Not a good gift.


After removing the stinger and applying cold (for as long as she’d let me), a mix of vinegar and baking soda helped take the sting out of the sting. There was a lot less crying than their could have been.

And in spite of this, she was a bee for Halloween – but she didn’t sting anyone! She did, however, enjoy eating – yes, eating – her candy.