We invite her friends over – in fact, I often swap babysitting time with my friend Lucie, so the girls hang out at each other’s house and see each other more than I see my friend! They play well together, for the most part, as they did tonight. They’re friends, and they look forward to the time they spend together.

But yesterday, she invited the neighbor girl over. All on her own. We’d gone out for a little walk, and the youngest neighbor, age six, came out.

“Do you want to come over and play beanbags?”

We’d been playing Corn Toss (yes, it’s actually cornhole), and she’d been having a great time tossing beanbags. Apparently, she wanted to share the joy. The invite took me – and the girl’s dad – by surprise. I said it was OK, he said it was OK, and there we were, the three of us walking back to the house, together. By my daughter’s invitation. “A- is my friend,” my daughter said.

And now, they had a great time.