As we headed to the car, she informed me that we had to walk. Oh.

After going in and getting the stroller (and proper coats and snacks for the ride), we headed off for the Hospitality Shop, our local thrift store and one of her favorite destinations. She walked the whole way there, all three or so blocks of it.

The woman in the children’s section knows my daughter by name, and we know her, too. After she greeted us, my daughter asked, “Do you have a Waldo book?” She wanted another; as she says, she only has the yellow one (and she studies those pictures as if the secrets of the world might be explained to her, if only she can see enough details!).

When that didn’t pan out, she looked at other books then moved on to the bins of toys big and small. The most interesting of the lot, the ten cent winner of the day, was a small plastic dog with wheels and a leash. She pulled it around the shop, and once we got home, she took it for a walk to the living room while holding Daddy’s hand.

She undoubtedly loves the cats, but her love for dogs makes me wonder how long we’ll remain a dog-free house. Then again, when kids love robots and dinosaurs, no one ever wonders how long it will be before the real thing shows up at the house….maybe we don’t have anything to worry about, after all.