Indeed she did perk up, like a flower in the rain. But I should have been more specific: I wanted a diurnal one, not a nocturnal one.

A moonflower is what I got.

She woke up around 1:30, chatty and happy. We knew she was feeling better – hooray! – but we’d feel better about her feeling better at a later time in the morning. Say, 6:00 or so.

Then she woke up around 4:30, and there was no going back. Among other things, she quoted Skippyjon Jones in the Doghouse: “It’s a three beaner!” Apparently, that was really, really funny at 4:30 in the morning, and we all laughed instead of being angry at being up so early. Matthew got up with her and had, from what I’ve heard, a joy-filled morning. I slept, so the same goes for me.

She tired earlier than usual – after a day of being down and a morning of being up ridiculously early – and so lunch was earlier, too. Somehow, she missed her mouth when she went to drink her water. She poured her cup without having it to her lips, and the water poured down her front. I gave her a disapproving look, and she offered back a paraphrase of our comments on love: “When I am naughty, you always love me!” “Even when you’re naughty, we still love you” might be the way we usually put it, but the sentiment is there. Love is unconditional.

No matter what time she wakes up or how naughty she is, we always love her.