The girl loves a museum. This may be because we go to ones we think she’ll like, but nonetheless, she likes them. Every now and then, she’ll announce, “I want to go to the museum!” This is unfortunate when we are, say, on our way to the grocery store or somewhere else mundane.

Last Saturday, we added a new one to her repertoire (accompanied by other mamas and her friends): the Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga. It’s a children’s museum, which I always find an amusing thing – a museum where you get to study and view children? – but really, that is what it ends up being. Now, when I try to call it by its proper name, ML says, “No! It’s the Children’s Museum!” She does know her own mind, and she makes sure we know hers, too.

Part of the museum was closed as they were setting up a new exhibit, but for her, that made no difference. We didn’t even see all that was available! We’re lucky to have made it past the water tables, with boats and locks, sprayers and smocks. She was smitten – and Daddy was pretty well occupied, too, although it was hard to say whether he was more taken with the water fun or his daughter.

We made it to the art room in time for marbling. This was really cool: fill a small tub with shaving cream. Put drops of acrylic paint on top, and swirl with a stick. Take paper, press on the paint-swirled shaving cream, then lift and scrape it off. The shaving cream goes, the swirly paint stays! She was intense, and she wanted all of her drops of paint together – which actually seemed to garner better swirly results.

And finally, after a little meandering, she found the dinosaur dig – a giant sandpit where she rediscovered the fact that she LOVES to play in the sand. It’s not the beach by Nene and Poppa, but it will do for now.

When girly digs something, she really digs it!