Today is the first day of week 21 of my pregnancy – we are into the second half! This does, of course, assume that Baby Baby does not make a late appearance, but we can’t know that yet. So, for now, as far as we know, we are halfway there.

And again today, at moms’ group (which at one point was really just “mom” as many moms were, presumably, off for Thanksgiving travels already), I asked ML if Baby Baby was going to be a boy or a girl. “A girl,” she said, as decisively as before. Maybe this is because it’s easiest to imagine someone like yourself – as a mother, it’s easiest to know more about girls than boys, so having a girl as my first was, in some ways, easy. For ML, imagining a sister must be simpler, too. But she has plenty of boy friends, and she talks about them, so she knows and likes boys. Maybe it’s that she has an inside line, some small-child connection between herself and the small one living inside me, and she knows Baby Baby better than I do.

Either way, we only need to wait another four and a half months to find out.