Sometimes she’s a mer-dog. She’s been a mer-tiger and a mer-turtle, once, too – although I must admit the need for mer-turtles is probably lower, with the need for mer-fish being the lowest. Sometimes, she goes for the traditional mermaid.

Whatever mer-creature she decides to be, though, she loves the bathtub. Just when we despaired that we’d even be able to wash her hair without a battle, poof! She likes to swish her hair, and she’ll let you rinse it with a cup, too. Who knows how this came to be; changes are rarely momentous but more often gradual, and then you wonder how you got to where you are. About this, I don’t need further investigation – it’s enough to be grateful for the change.

Here, her imagination goes further: her arms are trees growing up from the yellow depths. Her legs were big trees, too.

Water really can put forth wonderful things. Keep an eye out for a rogue mer-unicorn, next time you find yourself in the bath!