The verses between tonight’s “Mama!” and “Baby!” call-and-response chorus:

“Why don’t I have my pillow?” (“Because it’s dirty.”) “Why is it dirty? Because it was on the floor? Why was it on the floor?” (“I don’t know.”) “[Not-so-little boy ] was trying to hit with it.”‘ (“That wasn’t very nice.”) “No. Then he put it on the floor.”

“I’m sorry that you has [hazh] a cold, Mama. I’m sorry that you has a cough [caughch]. I’m sorry that…you’re not feeling well, Mama. I’m sorry.”

“Baby Baby doesn’t has teeth [teech], but moaty will make Baby Baby grow, and then Baby Baby will grow teeth.”

After today’s dusting of snow and dropping temperatures, I hope her final thoughts lead her to a good – and warm and cozy – night’s sleep. I know I’m feeling pretty warm and cozy myself after her reflections.