The spring has been a blur of burgeoning belly, bouncing weather patterns, and colds and various ailments, not to mention Matthew’s research-related travels and work. As we’re expecting Baby Baby to make an appearance sometime within the next week or two, I fear (know?) the blur will only become blurrier.

To recap: my lovely girl had a two week cold early on. She’s on her third cold since then. There was also the vomiting incident: the throwing up in the middle of the night after asking to sleep in her own bed, an anomaly that should have tipped us off. Between that night and that morning, she had at least two extra showers. The next morning, she managed to throw up orange Gatorade all over the bed, our pillows, herself, and me. This all made for a sad girl, and then she had diarrhea for days after that. Last Tuesday, the 19th, we had another sort of mishap. She’d put her Ikea fabric fruit into the glass bowl on the dining room table. (Do you already have a sense of where this is going?) When she wanted to play with it, I told her to get it – but to be careful. CRASH! She came into the room, crying. I went to clean it up, and still, she cried. I thought she’d scared herself. Turns out, a shard of glass cut a gash through her sock and her foot, about an inch long and a quarter of an inch deep. Three shots of Lydocaine, two stitches, and much crying and unhappiness later (“Stop! You’re hurting me!” and, even worse, “Ouchie! Ouchie! Can we go home now?” and clinging to her daddy, expecting us to save her from the pain and awfulness being inflicted on her), she was patched up. Our relief was mutual. The stitches came out too early, I fear, following the doctor’s directions, but nothing for it now.

It’s Easter, a good time for (re)birth and renewal, and tomorrow brings us to April. Babywatch continues…but can’t go on forever. For now, we’re trying to make the most of our time with our girl and wrap our heads around the fact that we’ll soon be a family of four. If we’re lucky, the only sniffles to come will be from the joy of a new baby and not another cold!