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It’s here, and it’s almost over.

It’s her birthday. Big sister turned three today.

February, pre-3

February, pre-3

The picture with the “3,” however, is from February, pre-3, pre-baby brother, from a visit to a local park. A grandmother was there to take pictures of her granddaughter for her upcoming third birthday and let us borrow their number three. Sure, my daughter was mostly interested in trying to figure out how to take it apart (Does the outside layer peel off? Could I pull off the ribbon?), but we had some fun with it, too – and did manage to return it unharmed to its creator.

Now the real deal is here. Today, the sun also shone, and the number three is here to stay, not to be taken away by someone else’s grandmother.

Happy 3rd birthday!

Happy 3rd birthday!


And the cake in the picture? She helped make it, even after a poor night’s sleep, because she’s three and has that kind of talent (although we’ll ignore the fact that she refused to pick up her messes today and other crankiness that resulted from the aforementioned poor night’s sleep. One of the times she woke up last night, thrashing and crying, she said, “I want a real puppy!” We, of course, hope this was largely in response to her daddy’s comment last night that, when she’d dropped a mushroom on the floor, our imaginary puppy would eat it for her. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure we don’t need a dog right now. OK, I’m absolutely certain.).

She also picked up her baby brother today, all by herself. Almost gave me heart palpitations, and I haven’t crossed the few steps from the sink to the family room as quickly as I did this morning. I’m so glad she loves him…I just wish she loved him from a greater (and safer) distance.

But she’s three now, right? Who knows what changes this year will bring. I’m just glad that we – no longer three, but all four of us – will be on this adventure together. Happy 3rd birthday, baby girl.

Baby boy became his own person on April 10th, one day after his due date. Baby girl will celebrate her 3rd birthday tomorrow, her Earth Day birthday.

I’m overwhelmed and shocked by all of it.

After waiting so long to meet baby boy (that is, in fact, what Baby Baby turned out to be), it’s still surprising to realize he’s here, warm and sleepy on my chest, squeaky like a little mouse when he first makes sounds, bleating like a lamb when he gets a little more upset. He’s here, and he’s our boy. Our sweet, sweet boy. Our girl is a big sister.

And she will be three. When she came with her Nene and Poppa to the hospital to meet her little brother, I could hardly believe the big girl who appeared in the door, this girl who had taken the place of my baby. When did it happen?

We’re still only eleven days out from his birthday, so I think I can still get away with blaming my overly emotional self on the fluctuating hormones, postpartum. Baby boy did his best to remind me to stop taking myself so seriously the other night, though, when I cried to Matthew: “It’s all going to go by so fast!” Cue baby pooping, loudly and undisputedly. Plllbbbbt. Chill, Mama, he told me.

Time goes by. It has, it does, it will. I should go snuggle my boy, peek in on my girl, and call it a night.

ML kisses BB

Babywatch continues. Ultrasound due date of April 2nd? Passed. Ultrasound due date of April 5th? Passed, too. Official due date of April 9th? Still to come.

Until then, we have the “Have you had your baby yet?” phone calls. We have the “My friends want to know if you’ve had your baby” comments. We have the “Oh, you still haven’t had your baby?” comments. No pressure, right? We didn’t get any of this last time; last time, our daughter came on her ultrasound due date of 4/22, well before her official due date of 5/3. Full term and glorious, even at 6 lbs. 2.4 oz, she was everything we could hope for. Baby Baby will be, too, whenever Baby Baby chooses to arrive. (And now Baby Baby and our girl are even: after being particularly still this morning, Baby Baby made me nervous; we went to the hospital, where the baby, of course, put on a good show – and that happened once last pregnancy, too. They’re competitive already!)

Until then, we’re enjoying the extra time with our daughter (lots of Play-Doh play, these days, and lots of running), and she’s enjoying the extra one-on-one time with her Nene and Papa (they’ve been here more than a week now – thank you!). I’m hoping the extra loving and attention will carry her through the transition of not being the only child in the house.

Pigtails on Trike

I’m sure that, once the baby arrives, we’ll forget that her/his inside stay was longer than we expected it to be. The cloth diapers are washed, the baby clothes are ready, our bags are packed – we’ve done what’s under our control. Now, we just wait for Baby Baby. We’re ready to meet you, baby, whenever you’re ready to meet us.