Babywatch continues. Ultrasound due date of April 2nd? Passed. Ultrasound due date of April 5th? Passed, too. Official due date of April 9th? Still to come.

Until then, we have the “Have you had your baby yet?” phone calls. We have the “My friends want to know if you’ve had your baby” comments. We have the “Oh, you still haven’t had your baby?” comments. No pressure, right? We didn’t get any of this last time; last time, our daughter came on her ultrasound due date of 4/22, well before her official due date of 5/3. Full term and glorious, even at 6 lbs. 2.4 oz, she was everything we could hope for. Baby Baby will be, too, whenever Baby Baby chooses to arrive. (And now Baby Baby and our girl are even: after being particularly still this morning, Baby Baby made me nervous; we went to the hospital, where the baby, of course, put on a good show – and that happened once last pregnancy, too. They’re competitive already!)

Until then, we’re enjoying the extra time with our daughter (lots of Play-Doh play, these days, and lots of running), and she’s enjoying the extra one-on-one time with her Nene and Papa (they’ve been here more than a week now – thank you!). I’m hoping the extra loving and attention will carry her through the transition of not being the only child in the house.

Pigtails on Trike

I’m sure that, once the baby arrives, we’ll forget that her/his inside stay was longer than we expected it to be. The cloth diapers are washed, the baby clothes are ready, our bags are packed – we’ve done what’s under our control. Now, we just wait for Baby Baby. We’re ready to meet you, baby, whenever you’re ready to meet us.