Baby boy became his own person on April 10th, one day after his due date. Baby girl will celebrate her 3rd birthday tomorrow, her Earth Day birthday.

I’m overwhelmed and shocked by all of it.

After waiting so long to meet baby boy (that is, in fact, what Baby Baby turned out to be), it’s still surprising to realize he’s here, warm and sleepy on my chest, squeaky like a little mouse when he first makes sounds, bleating like a lamb when he gets a little more upset. He’s here, and he’s our boy. Our sweet, sweet boy. Our girl is a big sister.

And she will be three. When she came with her Nene and Poppa to the hospital to meet her little brother, I could hardly believe the big girl who appeared in the door, this girl who had taken the place of my baby. When did it happen?

We’re still only eleven days out from his birthday, so I think I can still get away with blaming my overly emotional self on the fluctuating hormones, postpartum. Baby boy did his best to remind me to stop taking myself so seriously the other night, though, when I cried to Matthew: “It’s all going to go by so fast!” Cue baby pooping, loudly and undisputedly. Plllbbbbt. Chill, Mama, he told me.

Time goes by. It has, it does, it will. I should go snuggle my boy, peek in on my girl, and call it a night.

ML kisses BB