R, l, v, f – lots of letters have to wait in line to slowly become a proper part of her pronunciation. Others get in right away, like “m” and “d”; no waiting there. They walk right up and – bam! – they’re in the door. They get their popcorn and are in their seats before the “s” knew what was going on, before he realized he didn’t have an advance pass and had to wait to see if there was any room left in the theater. Of course there will be, but the wait could take a while.

Other words have queued up, too. They’re waiting, and the paparazzi flutter around. I mean, these words are worth checking out. They’re very of-the-moment, and once they make their way in, they will be changed. If you aren’t careful, you’ll miss them. Penguin is dressed in its alternate guise, PWENG*in. Pwengin’s eating a PREN*sull, which some might call (mistakenly) a pretzel. Another’s dressed in AHN*jin, better known to some as orange. She taps her foot, waits by the door.

This weekend, the door opened, and she was the next to go. In she went, with a rustle and a flash. AHN*jin was gone.

Orange came out. Good-bye, AHN*jin. Your charms were many, and if you decide to make another appearance, we’d be glad to see you again.