The answer is no, nearly all the time.

Will things always be this way?

Will they always wake up at night?
Will bedtime always feel epic and exhausting?
Will Boy always roam (or stand in his chair) while he’s eating instead of sitting at the table?
Will Boy always dump out every puzzle we have?
Will Boy always take his shoes and socks off within moments of getting in the car?
Will Boy always pee on the floor, the couch, and unsuspecting books?
Will Boy always prefer liquid mama to solid food?
Will Girl always want to talk to me when I’m on the phone with someone else?
Will Girl always insist on the other parent at the precise moment you most want to be with her?
Will Girl always want me to snuggle her in order to go to sleep?
Will Girl always talk in the mouse voice, the one that makes me feel annoyed before even hearing what she says?
Will Girl always be upset over scary things in movies and TV shows?

Right now, it’s 9:14. Girl and Daddy went to a Frozen sing-a-long. After beginning the movie once – and stopping partway through because she was afraid of the wolves and other parts, too – she declared, “I’ll watch it when I’m ten.” That’s been her standard for things like Rudolph, at the point when Clarice is in the Abominable Snowman’s grasp. Girl was in tears, and that was the end for her. Until she’s ten.

She loves the music and can sing the songs (there was at least one month in which we heard the soundtrack every day; Boy knows lots of the words, too!), which is why I thought she’d enjoy it and encouraged her to go; I thought she’d leave after Anne met Kristoff – pre-wolf.

I hear the car door, and since the movie started at 7:30, this can only mean one thing: they watched the whole movie. I’m impressed that she’s been brave – what a milestone! It’s another “no” for the list. No, not always. It only seems that way. While I’m impressed, I’m a little sad, too. Isn’t that always the way?