We were at our local sandwich shop last night, meeting with friends for an impromptu dinner. As a treat, Girl wanted a delectable-looking chocolate cake ball, complete with colorful sprinkles. Girl’s friend got ice cream (with sprinkles), and suddenly Girl wanted ice cream, too.

Similarly, Boy had wanted a cake ball, but when Girl changed her mind, Boy did, too. They were in this together.

Do they change their minds┬ábecause they want to be like their friends or the ones they admire, loath to give in to their own desires for fear of not fitting in? Or is it that, confronted with a huge scoop of ice cream and a much smaller cake ball, who wouldn’t want the bigger portion?

Either way, ice cream was the new choice. With eight options laid out like a farmers’ market gone neon, the brightest choice of all, looking like a a swirl of the primary colors of Play-doh, was the superman ice cream. The eye couldn’t help but be drawn to it: the too-pink strawberry and the too-green mint chocolate chip paled in comparison. In spite of that, Boy chose vanilla. Girl, however, chose superman with sprinkles – and, adjusting yet again, so did Boy. No more vanilla for him.

Hoping to help them rethink their choice (the color of that ice cream did not come from beet juice, blueberry juice, or turmeric!), I said that they could either get superman ice cream with no sprinkles since it already had lots of color or another ice cream with sprinkles. Sprinkles are a big draw, a signature style, a way to get candy and ice cream at the same time. They would surely choose another ice cream with sprinkles.

Naturally (or, unnaturally, given the ice cream), they chose superman. I split the giant scoop between two cups, and they dug in, never once missing the sprinkles or the cake balls.

As it turns out, their choice had more staying power than they could have known.

This morning, we received an extra gift, made by Boy himself: Boy had kelly-green poop. It was like St. Patrick’s Day in our toilet.

After a discussion of why that happened, we said that the days of superman ice cream are behind us. They accepted this, unperturbed. They are flexible decision makers, after all.

Next time, we’ll skip this super power.