Last night, the boy had a terrible night’s sleep.

So did his parents.

He was up and unhappy from midnight (the new midnight, darn that daylight savings time) until 1:30. No amount of nursing, bouncing, or singing made any difference. He’d quiet down, he’d stop wiggling – then he’s start up again. At long last, he slept, and so did we.

This morning, I wondered aloud to Matthew whether the boy was building up to walking and that’s why he’s sleeping so badly. He turned to the boy and asked him to walk – and, in something like a Jazzercise grapevine maneuver to his right, Baby Boy took his first steps! Three of them with his right leg (and so three with his left, too). He then sat and crawled on his merry way, to the cheers of his audience of three. Hooray!

He gave a repeat performance this afternoon in his sister’s room, upping the number of steps to five. He’s on his way. He’s on his way!