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In a few hours, the month of January 2013 will end, and we’ll be that much closer to April, when Baby Baby should be born, barring an early appearance. How are we already into week 31, I want to know?

For our little lovely, the baby is still a frequent topic of conversation, both during the day and at night, as she’s lying in her crib and about to nod off. We’ll do the call and response of “Mama!”, “Baby!”, she’ll be quiet, then she’ll interject something like these lines.*

“You’re Baby Baby’s mama, but you’re my mama, too.” (And of course, when her daddy’s around: “You’re Baby Baby’s daddy, but you’re my daddy, too.”)

“I’ll save some moaty for Baby Baby, and Baby Baby will save some moaty for me!”

“Baby Baby makes your belly big! Before, I made your belly big, but now, Baby Baby makes your belly big.”

Tonight in the kitchen, she patted my belly and said, “I love you, Baby Baby,” then told her daddy to “give her a kiss!” She often tells Baby Baby, “I’m your big sister!” Who knows how things will really go, when push (finally) comes to baby, but so far, she shows a lot of promise as a big sister. We’re excited about that, and at the same time, we’re trying to relish this last chunk of time with just her. Our sweet girl.

Our sweet girl is sometimes our sweets girl, too.

Our sweet girl is sometimes our sweets girl, too.

*Tonight, in addition to the above sorts of lines, she also asked, “Why did the queen yell at Alice?” because today, we watched Disney’s Alice in Wonderland after nearly finishing Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The queen’s red-faced yelling – and yelling in general – upset her. As with other examples of Disneyfication, that’s not really how it goes in the book: Alice talks back! The queen mostly yells at other people! Alice doesn’t cry first about trying to get home and not being able to! Reading the book hasn’t negatively affected her at all; watching the movie has. *sigh* Guess we’ll stick to episodes of Word World, Dinosaur Train, and her new favorite, Diego…minimal (no?) cartoon violence and anger. She doesn’t like it better in real life, either; last weekend, from atop a piece of playground equipment, a little girl yelled at her to get off, and it made her cry. She’s sweet and not, I hope, mean-spirited, and she doesn’t like it when others are mean.

She’s going to be a great big sister, and she’s getting very used to the idea that she will have a brother or sister by the time her birthday comes. Now, how this really goes down will be anybody’s guess, but I’m hoping for the best. Don’t we always have to?

Today was the big ultrasound, where we got our first real peek at what Baby Baby will look like.

Baby Baby on November 13, 2012

Charming, like his or her big sister. Flexible like her, too Рsee the leg lifted nearly to the nose? Our girl can do that still!  Two arms, two legs. A spine, a face Рeverything seems to be in place. A likely weight of twelve ounces, with a due date of April 9th (or possible April 2nd). *sigh of relief*

When the ultrasound was over and most of the goo was wiped away, ML climbed onto the table in my absence and lay back. The tech, bless her heart, then rubbed the wand over her belly, too. Satisfied, ML climbed down and joined me in the bathroom so we could finish wiping off together. When we walked out of that room, she said, “I need to be checked, too!” and went to the scale. Her daddy weighed her, and, with her visit done, we headed off.

Baby (who now tells us that she’s not a baby, she’s a “big baby”) and Baby Baby: two children who are developing nicely – one inside, one outside. What lucky parents we are.