Sometimes life is funny, like when baby boy poops explosively, just when I thought I was going back to sleep. Comic timing, that one. He got some on the sheets, just for good measure. Or when baby girl talks about her alter-ego (not imaginary friend), I – and we are a part of her imaginary world with alternate names, too. (I am Computer, and her brother is Rice. Nice, solid name choices.) Sometimes life is a heart-wrenching (at least to me), like when baby girl was so excited to share particularly delicious mango with her daddy, who just happened to be in another room changing baby boy’s diaper. In her joy, carrying the bowl of mango to him, she tripped, and the dish, spoon, and mango all rocketed out of her hands. “I didn’t mean for that to happen!” she sobbed, as battlefield mango littered the area around her feet, never to reach its intended target. Or two nights ago, after having watched Dumbo in the afternoon, I was putting my girl to sleep. All on her own, she brought up the movie. “Dumbo’s mama picked him up in her trunk and rocked him to sleep. Why not did he go to sleep?” That part gets me every time, Dumbo cradled in his mother’s trunk. Sometimes life is surprising, like when baby boy’s diaper was dry from about 9 p.m. Saturday night until sometime after 4:30 in the morning. Sure, we changed his diaper two or three times in the interim – it’s just that he waited until then to pee, then we put his same diaper back on him. Wow!

What? You didn’t find this all riveting or worthy of  a hearty chuckle? Oh. You’re right. If this were a sitcom, there’d be a lot more funny – I’d probably be fired as a writer. The beauty of a blog, though, is that you can’t be fired. So my reruns won’t be anywhere: that’s OK. With a three-year-old and a nearly three-month-old, I know there are lots more episodes to come (and some of them won’t involve tantrums). And if things don’t seem funny, well, maybe I’ll just add a laugh track.


She laughs.

He smiles.

He smiles. And we’re all happy.