We should have known, when she woke up early and a little fussy. We should have known when she only wanted to be held, and Matthew cradled her on his chest, as he had when she was an infant, and she nearly fell asleep there, in his warm embrace.

She snuggled this way at less than a month old, too.

We should have known when she napped at 9:15 in the morning – we should have known because of the napping, period.

If something seems wrong, it probably is.

After her nap, I checked, and her armpit temp was 100.9 – and you’re supposed to add .9 for a “regular” temperature, making it 101.8.

After spending at least half of the day in bed and eating only a piece of a pumpkin bar and half of a saltine over the course of the day, she called it a night by seven o’clock. Her adjusted armpit temperature was 102.3. Her eyes never had their alert look; they only foretold sleep.

She’s never been this lethargic, this happy just to sit on our laps or lie down next to us. I hope sleep does its restorative job and that she perks up, like a flower in the rain, by the morning.