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Temper tantrums. Kicking and flailing. Night terrors. No-nap days. Traffic that further slows unpleasant car trips. Almost always having to prompt the use of the word “please.” Being ignored when giving instructions. Being told “go away!” after just getting home.

Having to sit in a carseat instead of being held. Following someone else’s schedule and directions. Not getting to play with bubbles, watch TV, or eat cheeseburgers more often. Having to share toys with other kids. Not being able to do things that bigger people can do, like cook or hammer or clean toilets or chew gum. Watching the cats hide instead of come closer to be petted or hugged. Being separated by a closed door from Mommy or Daddy.

Today we all went to see The Isle of Klezbos. If you want to watch a rollicking klezmer band, this is it. The clarinetist was my favorite – WOW! sums her abilities up pretty concisely. Our girl enjoyed clapping along and dancing and managed to make it through the entire concert with some snacking, reading, and playing with toys all thrown in for variety. The 4 p.m. start time helped, too – and the fact that her friend sat by us.

It also helped that she took her first nap in easily a week today. Sure, she fell asleep in the car after coming along with me to the doctor. Sure, she’d previously claimed, “I want to sleep in my tib!” before falling asleep to my rousing rendition of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”  Sure, it was after a fast-food lunch (it’s important to start teaching those healthy eating habits early…). But she slept for over an hour and a half, and we had the happiest afternoon we’ve had in weeks (I must confess that I sat in the car with her and read my book. Not productive but wonderful). A little nap’ll do that.

Now, we just need to see what tonight brings…and I hope it’s not more night terrors. I really, really hope it’s not more of those. Shouldn’t klezmer music smooth the way for a pleasant night’s sleep?