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Babywatch continues. Ultrasound due date of April 2nd? Passed. Ultrasound due date of April 5th? Passed, too. Official due date of April 9th? Still to come.

Until then, we have the “Have you had your baby yet?” phone calls. We have the “My friends want to know if you’ve had your baby” comments. We have the “Oh, you still haven’t had your baby?” comments. No pressure, right? We didn’t get any of this last time; last time, our daughter came on her ultrasound due date of 4/22, well before her official due date of 5/3. Full term and glorious, even at 6 lbs. 2.4 oz, she was everything we could hope for. Baby Baby will be, too, whenever Baby Baby chooses to arrive. (And now Baby Baby and our girl are even: after being particularly still this morning, Baby Baby made me nervous; we went to the hospital, where the baby, of course, put on a good show – and that happened once last pregnancy, too. They’re competitive already!)

Until then, we’re enjoying the extra time with our daughter (lots of Play-Doh play, these days, and lots of running), and she’s enjoying the extra one-on-one time with her Nene and Papa (they’ve been here more than a week now – thank you!). I’m hoping the extra loving and attention will carry her through the transition of not being the only child in the house.

Pigtails on Trike

I’m sure that, once the baby arrives, we’ll forget that her/his inside stay was longer than we expected it to be. The cloth diapers are washed, the baby clothes are ready, our bags are packed – we’ve done what’s under our control. Now, we just wait for Baby Baby. We’re ready to meet you, baby, whenever you’re ready to meet us.


Yesterday, the last day of week 32, we had a doctor’s appointment. We’re down to every two weeks. How did that happen?

The riveting details of our visit: My weight: 169. My blood pressure: 118/64. The baby’s heartbeat: 123. Helpful responses to the question, “Do you know of local doulas?”: 0.

Ah, well. I’m working on getting other people’s answers to that one for when Baby Baby makes an appearance.


“You’re my favorite mama,” my sweet daughter told me tonight as she was heading towards sleep. “You’re my favorite girl and my favorite daughter,” I told her in response. “And Baby Baby is your favorite baby!” she added. “Yes,” I told her. “I love you both very much.”

“We all love Baby Baby very much,” she said.

The verses between tonight’s “Mama!” and “Baby!” call-and-response chorus:

“Why don’t I have my pillow?” (“Because it’s dirty.”) “Why is it dirty? Because it was on the floor? Why was it on the floor?” (“I don’t know.”) “[Not-so-little boy ] was trying to hit with it.”‘ (“That wasn’t very nice.”) “No. Then he put it on the floor.”

“I’m sorry that you has [hazh] a cold, Mama. I’m sorry that you has a cough [caughch]. I’m sorry that…you’re not feeling well, Mama. I’m sorry.”

“Baby Baby doesn’t has teeth [teech], but moaty will make Baby Baby grow, and then Baby Baby will grow teeth.”

After today’s dusting of snow and dropping temperatures, I hope her final thoughts lead her to a good – and warm and cozy – night’s sleep. I know I’m feeling pretty warm and cozy myself after her reflections.



In a few hours, the month of January 2013 will end, and we’ll be that much closer to April, when Baby Baby should be born, barring an early appearance. How are we already into week 31, I want to know?

For our little lovely, the baby is still a frequent topic of conversation, both during the day and at night, as she’s lying in her crib and about to nod off. We’ll do the call and response of “Mama!”, “Baby!”, she’ll be quiet, then she’ll interject something like these lines.*

“You’re Baby Baby’s mama, but you’re my mama, too.” (And of course, when her daddy’s around: “You’re Baby Baby’s daddy, but you’re my daddy, too.”)

“I’ll save some moaty for Baby Baby, and Baby Baby will save some moaty for me!”

“Baby Baby makes your belly big! Before, I made your belly big, but now, Baby Baby makes your belly big.”

Tonight in the kitchen, she patted my belly and said, “I love you, Baby Baby,” then told her daddy to “give her a kiss!” She often tells Baby Baby, “I’m your big sister!” Who knows how things will really go, when push (finally) comes to baby, but so far, she shows a lot of promise as a big sister. We’re excited about that, and at the same time, we’re trying to relish this last chunk of time with just her. Our sweet girl.

Our sweet girl is sometimes our sweets girl, too.

Our sweet girl is sometimes our sweets girl, too.

*Tonight, in addition to the above sorts of lines, she also asked, “Why did the queen yell at Alice?” because today, we watched Disney’s Alice in Wonderland after nearly finishing Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The queen’s red-faced yelling – and yelling in general – upset her. As with other examples of Disneyfication, that’s not really how it goes in the book: Alice talks back! The queen mostly yells at other people! Alice doesn’t cry first about trying to get home and not being able to! Reading the book hasn’t negatively affected her at all; watching the movie has. *sigh* Guess we’ll stick to episodes of Word World, Dinosaur Train, and her new favorite, Diego…minimal (no?) cartoon violence and anger. She doesn’t like it better in real life, either; last weekend, from atop a piece of playground equipment, a little girl yelled at her to get off, and it made her cry. She’s sweet and not, I hope, mean-spirited, and she doesn’t like it when others are mean.

Today is the first day of week 21 of my pregnancy – we are into the second half! This does, of course, assume that Baby Baby does not make a late appearance, but we can’t know that yet. So, for now, as far as we know, we are halfway there.

And again today, at moms’ group (which at one point was really just “mom” as many moms were, presumably, off for Thanksgiving travels already), I asked ML if Baby Baby was going to be a boy or a girl. “A girl,” she said, as decisively as before. Maybe this is because it’s easiest to imagine someone like yourself – as a mother, it’s easiest to know more about girls than boys, so having a girl as my first was, in some ways, easy. For ML, imagining a sister must be simpler, too. But she has plenty of boy friends, and she talks about them, so she knows and likes boys. Maybe it’s that she has an inside line, some small-child connection between herself and the small one living inside me, and she knows Baby Baby better than I do.

Either way, we only need to wait another four and a half months to find out.

She’s going to be a great big sister, and she’s getting very used to the idea that she will have a brother or sister by the time her birthday comes. Now, how this really goes down will be anybody’s guess, but I’m hoping for the best. Don’t we always have to?

Today was the big ultrasound, where we got our first real peek at what Baby Baby will look like.

Baby Baby on November 13, 2012

Charming, like his or her big sister. Flexible like her, too – see the leg lifted nearly to the nose? Our girl can do that still!  Two arms, two legs. A spine, a face – everything seems to be in place. A likely weight of twelve ounces, with a due date of April 9th (or possible April 2nd). *sigh of relief*

When the ultrasound was over and most of the goo was wiped away, ML climbed onto the table in my absence and lay back. The tech, bless her heart, then rubbed the wand over her belly, too. Satisfied, ML climbed down and joined me in the bathroom so we could finish wiping off together. When we walked out of that room, she said, “I need to be checked, too!” and went to the scale. Her daddy weighed her, and, with her visit done, we headed off.

Baby (who now tells us that she’s not a baby, she’s a “big baby”) and Baby Baby: two children who are developing nicely – one inside, one outside. What lucky parents we are.

“When my birthday comes, Baby Baby will pop out*, and you will wash some socks, then Baby Baby can wear them!”

I count that as one sentence (the meaning of which I’ll explain shortly) comprised of twenty-one words. Really, it’s only nineteen since “Baby Baby” refers to a single entity, but it’s a long sentence either way. This was part of her breakfast-time conversation this morning.

According to the AAP’s Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5, a two-year-old “speaks with a rapidly growing vocabulary of fifty or more words” (330). “Over the course of this year, he’ll graduate from two- or three-word sentences…to those with four, five, or even six words (‘Where’s the ball, Daddy?’ ‘Dolly sit in my lap”)” (330). At three years of age, her active vocabulary should have expanded to at least three hundred words and she will “be able to talk in sentences of three to four words and imitate most adult speech sounds” (367). She will still be “learning to use pronouns such as ‘I,’ ‘me,’ ‘mine,’ and ‘you'” (369). With a four year old, his vocabulary  “will have expanded to around 1,500 words by now, and it will grow by another 1,000 or so over the course of this year. He now can tell elaborate stories using relatively complex sentences of up to eight words” (395).

At a little over fifteen months, my daughter had a vocabulary of at least sixty-four words (I kept track for a little while). I don’t even think I could hazard a guess as to how many words she knows now, although I love the fact that she can identify and name the comb and the wattle on a chicken! I do know that she doesn’t really get her pronouns mixed up, and I think she has the ability to string together some pretty long and interesting sentences, as evinced above.

Of course, I’m her mama. I’m particularly prone to being proud. It’s part of the territory, right?

And she’s my only, so she gets most of my time and attention…but not for long.

That’s where Baby Baby comes in. We’ve told our daughter that around her birthday, she’ll have a brother or sister. The other morning, she woke up and, unprompted, patted my belly and said, “Hi, Baby Baby!” This is something she thinks about. She and her daddy got new socks the other day, so apparently, she’s thinking of socks, too. And babies should wear socks…you wouldn’t want their feet to get cold. She LOVES babies…but that’s probably a story for another post.

So my daughter will be a sister, and she understands that, as far as she’s capable of understanding – and she can express those thoughts, too, in a pretty long sentence. You go, girl. You’re going to make one heck of a big sister.

*Can I help it if I’m hoping that she’s right – that she’s got some small lock on a prophecy of the baby just popping out, quick and painless, when the time comes?

Shelov, Steven P., Tanya Remer Altmann, and Robert E. Hannemann, eds. Caring for Your Baby and Young Child: Birth to Age 5. 5th ed. USA: Bantam Books, 2009. Print.