She’s a 6:00 – 6:30 girl. On the rare occasion, she’ll sleep past 7:00, but it’s not common. In fact, it’s uncommon.

The past two mornings, she’s woken up (post-6:00 and pre-6:30) and chattered on about various things, including driving to Nene and Poppa’s house. “Do you want to come, Daddy?” she has asked each morning. This summer, the two of us went alone, so it’s a fair question. “Mommy can sit it her seat and you can sit beside me,” she told him. She’s that way, too: things are a certain way, and she likes them to stay that way. When we go to Nene and Poppa’s house, Mommy drives, she thinks – it’s what happened last time. (Besides, she likes her daddy. A lot. A lot a lot. She’d like him to sit by her!)

So, even though we’re not going anywhere for another week and a half, this girl is already jazzed. Santa? Pah. Frosty? OK. Rudolph? She knows we’re going to watch the video sometime.

But just ask her what she’s going to get to try on Christmas. “Gum!” she’ll tell you. That’s our kind of Christmas shopping!

The tree is (partially) decorated, the Advent calendar is up and in use, and we’re reading The Christmas Rose, an Advent calendar of a story. She’s in the season. And for her, it almost always starts between 6:00 and 6:30 in the morning.