When we lived in Austin, we knew a little girl at church named Julia. She used to dress herself, and she picked outlandishly wonderful things that combined to make outfits that were part fairy tale and part beach vacation.

My daughter is learning to make her own fashion choices as well. Her Crocs and her Merrells – and other shoes she can put on herself – often jauntily adorn the wrong feet, giving her a duck-footed look.

Does putting shoes on the wrong feet affect the direction you take in life?

She wore her new little bathrobe today, and she loved it, fiddling with the ribbon which kept it together.

Feeling sporty in her robe

This past week, tutus have been her favorite item of clothing, and she likes to add them to any outfit, as naturally as one might put on socks before shoes. Orngin, pink, or yellow – yes, please! Spinning around is much more fun with one than without.

It’s the hat that really sets the tutu off so nicely.

Most of all, I love that none of this bothers her. For most adults, clothes do what they ought to: they cover us, protect us, keep us warm. For her, they’re fun, too, a kind of entertainment. I think she has the right idea…any adult-sized tutus out there, anyone??