Snotty sleep, night three:

From the start of nighttime preparations to sleeping took twenty minutes tonight (and included all of the usuals – toothbrushing, washing up, reading – even some saline spray for the nose!), probably a record for us. She was one tired girl. I’m hoping for better sleep. We had to buy extra soft lotion tissues today to try to be good to her nose, if that puts the extent of her snottiness into perspective. Her nose is chapped.

Snotty sleep, night two:

She was restless from two to three then fretfully awake and dozy from three to four, with a little nightmare-y screaming and kicking thrown in for fun, with congestion as the cherry on top. It was not a good sleeping night for either of us.

Snotty sleep, night one:

She woke up and asked where Daddy was (never mind how many times she’d asked before or that she knew the answer – at a conference, giving a talk, in Pittsburgh). She woke up screaming and kicking at least five times, although she wasn’t so congested yet; it got worse yesterday. In the morning, I asked her the adult question, “How did you sleep?” I wondered if she’d remembered her thrashing.

She looked at me as if I were daft and said, “With my eyes closed.”

Guess I should have known the answer to that one.